Product Guarantee

Authenticity of Signatures

At CCB Aviation Limited, we take pride in having considerable personal experience of over 25 years, in meeting veterans, collecting and dealing with signatures & autographs. We confidently state that all items sold are genuine and authentic and this is confirmed by issuing a Certificate of Authenticity, as appropriate. We constantly strive to maintain high standards of provenance in all our dealings of collecting original signatures and strive to ensure that all the signatures, not acquired directly by ourselves, are authentic and are from a known, reputable and reliable source. 

Original signatures on prints, books and originals (normally pencil drawings) are signed in person by the signatory.  The published products are physically taken to the signatory, by prior arrangement and then signed by them or personally signed at one of our public “signing” events.  Occasionally, due to logistical issues, items are sent by recorded post or courier to our signatories.  On other occasions, the artist/author of the print/book will personally take the items, collecting signatures on an organised, pre-arranged trip.

In the case of “matted” signatures (original signatures individually mounted onto a print or book, which did not form part of the original publication or release) also carry the same guarantee of authenticity and of known provenance. In many cases these signatures have been liberated from damaged prints or other authentic documents etc.

If we have any concerns or doubts relating to the authenticity of a signature or of its origin, we immediately decline them and have no dealing with the supplier or source.

Limited Editions

All products we supply that have been produced as limited editions will be sourced from established, trusted, well known providers. These predominantly are registered publishers, artists and authors who are representing their own work and will subsequently authenticate any editions they publish.

Should a customer have any queries or concerns regarding our products, they can request provenance information and authentication. If already purchased, a customer can exercise their rights under the Consumer Act and request a refund on the item. 

Please refer to our refund and returns policy.