This pencil print depicts an historical scene during the Battle of Britain 1940. On the evening of 25th/26th October 1940, six aircraft comprising of 3 Blenheims and 3 Beaufighters of RAF 219 Squadron carried out operational patrols. The Beaufighter crew of Sergeant Hodgkinson and Sergeant Benn intercepted and engaged a Luftwaffe Dornier Do17z, which was claimed destroyed. This action was the first known, credited, "kill" of a Bristol Beaufighter. Each print in this edition, has been signed and numbered by the artist along with the distinguished signatures of six Battle of Britain veterans, all of whom served with RAF 219 Squadron during 1940. Flight Lieutenant W. T. M. Clark DFM Wing Commander R. G. B Summers OBE, AFM Flight Lieutenant J. H. Duart Flight Lieutenant A. E. Gregory DFC Flight Lieutenant J. Keatings Warrant Officer G. W. “Sailor” Benn (one of the crew depicted in the picture) Edition Size: 200 Overall Print Size; 16" x 12"

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