British Airways Boeing 767 and Boeing 757 on departure. British Airways retired the last of its Boeing B767-300ERs on November 25th, 2018 after successfully operating the mid-sized widebody for 28 years. Fittingly, it had some 28 B767-300ERs, with all deliveries complete by 1998. The type's withdrawal came days after BA's 30th B787-8 joined the fleet. British Airways Director of Flight Operations, Captain Al Bridger, said: “The 767 has been a brilliant part of our fleet, flying some of our most popular routes and giving customers what was an industry-leading service in its time". All editions are signed by the artist, Michael Rondot. Signed and numbered: Artist's Proof: SOLD OUT Publisher Proof with an airline logo drawing on the border: Remarque Editions have a detailed drawing of a Boeing 767/757 added to the print border: Double remarque Editions have two detailed drawings added to the print border: Overall Print Size: 69 x 48cm

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