November 12th 1944. Lancaster’s from RAF 617 and 9 Squadrons bombed the German battleship ‘Tirpitz’ at anchor just off Tromso, Norway. Using Barnes Wallis designed Tallboy bombs dropped from between 12,000 to 16,000 feet they delivered several very close misses and three or more direct hits. A column of steam and smoke shot up to 300 feet and within a few minutes the massive ship began to turn turtle. The RAF and Royal Navy had had several previous attempts at the Tirpitz with limited success, but on this occasion the threat from this extremely powerful warship ended. The painting depicts Wing Commander J B Tait’s Lancaster after his bombing run ‘staying on the scene’ to observe the outcome of the mission. The rest of 617 and 9 Squadron aircraft complete their runs and turn to head home to Lossiemouth. Down below at low level another Lancaster is orbiting and filming the destruction. This Lancaster came from 463 Squadron and was the last one to return home. With only one Lancaster being seriously damaged all the aircraft completed the mission. Prints signed by the artist, Philip E. West and two RAF pilots who flew with 617 Squadron on the Tirpitz raid; Squadron Leader Lawrence “Benny” Goodman Squadron Leader Tony Ivseon DFC, AE Edition Size: 25 Overall Print Size: 20″ x 27″ / 51 cm x 70 cm

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