The Avro Vulcan V-Bomber stream take-off was a powerful image of the Cold War years. As part of the V-Force, the Avro Vulcan was the backbone of the UK's airborne nuclear deterrent. The scramble was a hugely noisy and spectacular event which was regularly practiced during the Cold War, bringing the whole of the area around the airfield to a standstill. Those who witnessed it will still remember the fantastic and spectacular display of power. The edition is limited to 350 signed and numbered copies. Artist's proofs have an original pencil drawing of a squadron badge added to the print border. Remarque copies have a detailed drawing of a Vulcan added to the print border. All editions are signed by the artist Michael Rondot and the following Vulcan aircrew veterans; Flight Lieutenant STU THORNBERRY Pilot 101 Sqn, 27 Sqn, 230 OCU Flight Lieutenant BRYAN GARDNER Pilot IX(B) Sqn, Black Buck 6, 3 Jun 82 Flight Lieutenant BOB WYER Navigator Plotter 44(Rhodesia) Sqn Flight Lieutenant ROY BROCKLEBANK Navigator Radar 12(B) Sqn, 35 Sqn Squadron Leader JIM WALLS Air Electronics Officer 617 Sqn Chief Technician PETE SMITH Crewchief RAF Waddington Sergeant DAVE GAMBRELL Airframe Technician RAF Waddington The artist’s proofs and remarque copies are additionally signed by: Wing Commander DAVE BRUCE Navigator Plotter 101 Sqn, 617 Sqn Squadron Leader GORDON LAMBERT Pilot 230 OCU Flight Sergeant PETER REYNOLDS A Tech P RAF Akrotiri, RAF Waddington 350 Limited Editions: 40 Artist Proofs: 10 Remarque Editions: 10 Double Remarque Editions: Print Size: 70cm x 45cm

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