Produced by the Joint Services Charity Commission in 1990, this fabulous set of 20 limited edition covers were designed to highlight notable stages of the Battle of Britain from July 1940 up to the night-time Blitz in December 1940. Each edition is personally signed by a distinguished Battle of Britain veteran, making this an historic collection. Now long since sold out from it's release, we are happy to offer a complete set of 20 covers, signed by the following, distinguished, veterans; 1: The Skirmishing 1-9 July 1940. Group Captain Denis David CBE, DFC, AFC. 2: The Skirmishing 10-21 July 1940. Wing Commander C. Currant DSO, DFC. 3: The Skirmishing 22-31 July 1940. Wing Commander G. Unwin DSO, DFM. 4: The Major Assault 1-8 August 1940. Group Captain F. Carey CBE, DFC, AFC, DFM. 5: The Major Assault 9-12 August 1940. Wing Commander R. Learoyd VC. 6: The Major Assault 13-15 August 1940. Wing Commander P. Barthropp DFC, AFC. 7: The Major Assault 16-17 August 1940. Wing Commander R. Doe DSO, DFC. 8: The Major Assault 18 August 1940. Air Vice Marshall H. Bird-Wilson CBE, DSO, DFC*, AFC. 9: The Major Assault 19-23 August 1940. Group Captain T. Gleave CBE. 10: The Major Assault 24-26 August 1940. Air Vice Marshall F.D. Hughes CB, CBE, DSO, DFC, AFC, DL. 11: The Major Assault 27-29 August 1940. Group Captain D. Gillam DSO, DFC, AFC. 12: The Major Assault 30-31 August 1940. Wing Commander I. Cosby DFC. 13: Invasion Month 1-6 September 1940. Group Captain H. Darley DSO. 14: Invasion Month 7 September 1940. Wing Commander H.M. Stephen DSO, DFC. 15: Invasion Month 8-14 September 1940. Group Captain M. Duke-Woolley DSO, DFC. 16: Invasion Month 15-30 September 1940. Air Vice Marshall H. Hogan CB, DFC. 17: The Night Blitz 1-31 October 1940. Squadron Leader C. Haw DFC, DFM. 18: The Night Blitz 1-15 November 1940. Air Commodore A, Deere DSO, OBE, DFC, AFC. 19 The Night Blitz 16-22 November 1940. Group Captain J. Cunningham CBE, DSO, DFC, AE, DL. 20: The Night Blitz 23 November-31 December 1940. Wing Commander R. Beamont CBE, DSO, DFC, DL, FRAeS. NOTE: Individual signed edition covers are available.

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