A Rare sought after edition. Day of the Fighters by Nicolas Trudgian features Fw190s of I./JG-1 heading back to base. Fw190s of I./JG-1 returning after intercepting USAAF bombers making their way homer from the Schweinfurt Raid, August 17th, 1943. A B-17, downed on the outward leg of the raid, has survived a crash-landing in the Dutch marshes below. Day of the Fighters by Nicolas Trudgian is signed by three distinguished Fw190 pilots: Major Gerhard Schopfel Hauptmann Alfred Grislawski Oberleutnant Adolf Glunz This rare edition we have in stock is in mint condition and comes with its original certificate of authenticity. Published in 1994 Edition Size: 1000 Overall Print Size: 35 x 24 inches

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