Furies and Fireflies over Korea: The Story of the Men and Machines of the Fleet Air Arm, RAF and Commonwealth Who Defended South Korea, 1950-1953. On June 25, 1950, five years the world finished a dreadful and terrible war against fascist tyranny, the Communist armies of North Korea struck without warning across the border into South Korea. Everyone was caught by surprise and in the air initially only US jets resisted the wave upon wave of Russian-built Yak and IL-10 Sturmovik attacks. The UN Security Council called on its members to act and 16 nations did, with Britain sending aircraft carriers such as HMS Triumph, from which piston-engined Sea Fury fighters and Fairey Firefly fighter-bombers, piloted by FAA men like Harry Hawksworth and Alan Leahy, began to attack the North Korean positions. The only British jet to take part was the Gloster Meteor ably flown by the Royal Australian Air Force and the RAF was represented by pilots such as John Nichols who flew Sabres with the USAF. Against this background and the odds British and Australian pilots (assisted by their groundcrew) flew with distinction and honour. After having interviewed participants who flew during the Korean Conflict, Graham Thomas presents this illustrated study of the men and machines of Britain and the Commonwealth who flew against the Communists forces from 1950 to 1953. Special Edition Hardback The book is supplied with a titled, Special Limited Edition bookplate (see image below) which has been personally signed by: Lieutenant Commander Brian Ellis 802 Squadron Royal Navy Lieutenant Commander Peter Davis 802 Squadron Royal Navy Commander John Nethersole 802 Squadron Royal Navy Lieutenant Commander Richard Griffiths 1832 Squadron Royal Navy Edition Size: 20 Hardback edition, published in 2004

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