Into the Cloak of Darkness by Nicolas Trudgian features He219 and Me110G-4 night fighters of NJG1. A Heinkel 219 and a Messerschmitt 110 of NJG-1 climbing out from their base a Munster Hansdorf, as they set out on a deadly mission. Ten aircraft took off to intercept a major raid on Dusseldorf, the night witnessing a fierce battle high above the darkened city. NJG-1 crews assisted with the downing of 19 RAF bombers, one Luftwaffe pilot being credited with no fewer than 6 victories that night. Below them the spectacular Ruhr Valley is vibrant in its mantle of winter's first snowfall on the night of November 2, 1944. Each print is signed by the artist, Nicolas Trudgian, along with three rare Luftwaffe night fighter signatures: Major GUNTHER BAHR Leutnant OTTO FRIES Oberfeldwebel ALFRED STAFFA Published: 1996 Edition: 650 Overall Size: 35 x 24 inches

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