Nicolas Trudgian's Invasion Force features the legendary Dakota C-47 D-Day. Almost every major invasion that took place in Europe in World War II began with para drops, and in almost every case the C-47 was the aircraft that delivered these elite fighting troops. Few C-47 pilots had more combat experience than Sid Harwell, seen flying his Dakota in this typical action scene, dropping airborne troops into occupied Europe soon after D-Day. No matter what resistance he encountered, the good C-47 pilot put his aircraft right over the Dropping Zone, every time. All editions are signed by the artist along with distinguished C-47 pilot: Colonel Sid Harwell (participated in the Airborne assault during D-day with the 87th Troop Carrier Squadron dropping 101st Airborne Paratroopers into St-Mere-Eglise) 800 Limited Editions 80 Artist Proof Editions Overall Size: 16 inches x 14 inches (41cm x 36cm)

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