To commemorate the 60th Anniversary of the Battle of Britain in 2000, we published the 2nd revised edition of Kenneth Wynn's superb comprehensive book detailing "The Few". To compliment its release we produced a limited edition set of 13 bookplates, 50 of each edition and signed by 10 veterans making an outstanding collection of 130 Battle of Britain signatures across the set. Most of these bookplates have long since sold out but we do hold some low stocks from our archive. Plate Editions 8, 9 and 12 are still available. Please read below for a full list of the veterans who signed these editions.

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Plate 1 signed by: R Doe,

Plate 2 signed by: J Anderson, T Neil, L Batt, K Mackenzie, E Parkin, T Pickering, J Ellacombe, G Murray, R Summers and J Sanders.

Plate 3 signed by: WD David, L Thorogood, C Bamberger, NM Brown, R Beardsley, MP Brown, R Ford, AC Leigh, J Cunningham and GH Bennions.

Plate 4 signed by: LH Smith, K Lusty, C Currant, P Barthropp, J Young, J Millard, J Keatings, A Smith, J Freeborn and R Jones.

Plate 5 signed by: N Rose, D Denchfield, K Lee, N Hancock, MP Brown, G Leggett, N Kemp, W Walker, B Drake and V Snell.

Plate 6 signed by: N Harding, P Hairs, T Elkington, LH Allen, H Duart, A Thompson, NR Norfolk, T Vigors, A Winskill and A Kellow.

Plate 7 signed by: PM Brothers, D Clift, RWM Walsh, J Squier, WT Clark, R McGowan, E Barwell, A Wright, R Sellers and GC Unwin.

Plate 8 signed by: W Green, H Pinfold, P Morfill, WR Hughes, J Malinski, A Piper, T Iveson, P Dawbarn, B Bent and K Wilkinson.

Plate 9 signed by: J Toombs, P Webb, G Westlake, RA Kings, A Gregory, I Hutchinson, RH Smyth, T Kane, T Sawicz and HE Green.

Plate 10 signed by: D Cox, K McGlashan, RA Innes, CAT Jones, J Pickering, M Carswell, CH MacLean, E Poole, G Manton and JHC Sykes.

Plate 11 signed by: L. E. Smith, J Corbin, H Lafont, D Armitage, N Brown, B Stapleton, A Trumble, H Wakefield, EBB Smith and J Renvoize.

Plate 12 signed by: M Croskell, I Dunn, HR Sharman, G Stevens, J Riddle, CB Brown, J Rose, JW White, G Wellum and E Seabourne.

Plate 13 signed by: R Haine, S Widdows, J Zurakowski, A Gawith, A Bennison, J Hayter, A Burdekin, J Pye, W Cunningham and T Fitzgerald.