The One Who Almost Made it Back: The Remarkable Story of One of World War Two's Unsung Heroes, Squadron Leader Edward Teddy Blenkinsop, DFC, CdeG (Belge), RCAF by Peter Celis. On the night of 27/28 April 1944, Teddy Blenkinsop and his crew were acting as deputy master bombers during a Pathfinder raid on Montzen in Belgium. After a successful attack, their Lancaster was shot down. Miraculously he survived to be protected by Belgian citizens before ending his days in Bergen Belsen concentration camp. Little was known of his exploits in between until Peter Celis, a Belgian air-force officer, began to research the story. What he uncovered is far more amazing than any fictional film could be. He found that Blenkinsop was not only an exceptional and gallant operational pilot, but that his loyalty, dedication and devotion were second to none and that his bravery and fearlessness led him to make the supreme sacrifice in the face of Nazi Germany. Written with pace and insight, this is an uplifting account of an outstanding young man who very nearly made it back home. A special limited edition bookplate has been mounted onto the main front end page and was personally signed by the following two veterans: Flight Lieutenant Dennis "Ren" Renvoize - Lancaster aircrew veteran with 425 and 35 Squadrons. Cdt-VI Peter Celis (author) - wartime Belgian Air Force Officer (see image below) Hardcover edition, published 2008

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