Rare Limited Edition print by Nicolas Trudgian - Ruhr Valley Invaders by Nicolas Trudgian features A-26 Invaders of the USAAF 386th Bomb Group. Arriving at high speed over a busy German rail yard in the heart of the Ruhr Valley, barely skimming the nearby factory chimney stacks on the way into the target, the A-26 crews of the 386th Bomb Group deliver a devastating blow, leaving a trail of destruction in their wake. With bombs away, the Invader crews strafe the area with their ten forward-firing machine guns, the roar of their engines heightening the confusion on the ground. Each print is signed by the artist along with three distinguished "Invader" aircrew who flew the A-26 in combat during World War Two: Colonel Dick Denison Major Carl Oates Captain Earl Slanker Published: 2000 Edition: 450 Overall Size: 26 x 21 inches

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