Rare print by Robert Taylor featuring Spitfires of Johnny Johnson's 144th Canadian Wing, taking off from a hastily prepared temporary airstrip near St. Croix-Sur-Mer, Normandy, 1944. Just over a mile inland from the Gold and Juno beaches, the village was liberated by the Canadians on D-Day. Within hours, Sappers and Pioneers using bulldozers and graders had started levelling the site and, still under enemy fire, begun to unravel the tons of wire mesh to complete the first temporary airstrip in Normandy. On the morning of 10 June 1944, just four days after D-Day, the Mk IX Spitfires of 144 Canadian Wing arrived. Each print is signed by the artist along with distinguished "144 Canadian Wing" pilots: Air Vice Marshall J.E. "Johnnie" Johnson CB, CBE, DSO**, DFC* Squadron Leader Danny Browne DFC Flight Lieutenant Larry Robillard Published: 1990 Edition: 1250 Overall Print Size: 33 x 25 inches

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