Superb print taken from an original pencil drawing by artist Steve Teasdale. This is a fitting tribute to the Fairey Swordfish and the brave aircrews of the Fleet Air Arm, who flew perilous missions off the decks of Royal Navy aircraft carrier warships during World War Two. Each print is signed and numbered by the artist, along with the outstanding signatures of Fleet Air Arm Aircrew veterans who flew missions during World War Two; Captain Eric "Winkle" Brown CBE, DSC, AFC, RN (highly decorated, record breaking Test pilot) Lieutenant Commander Peter Twiss OBE, DSC* (as a Test pilot he broke speed records and the sound barrier) Lieutenant Commander Edgar Lee DSO (Channel Dash veteran) Lieutenant Commander John Moffat RNVR Lieutenant Commander Bruce Vibert DSC Lieutenant Commander George "Dick" Blackburn Sub Lieutenant (A) Stanley Brand RNVR (veteran of the attack on the German warship Bismarck) Lieutenant Commander Arthur Towlson DSC Chief Petty Officer Les Sayer MBE, DSM Lieutenant Commander Norman Lester Lieutenant Commander Richard Griffiths Lieutenant Bill Penlington RNVR Edition Size: 75 Overall Print Size: approx 450mm x 320mm

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