For many years the importance and contribution of the Hawker Hurricane was eclipsed by the Spitfire but statistically the Hurricane was superior in the majority of cases. Thanks to Tommy Sopwith's initiative and gamble the Hurricane was ready at the outbreak of the Second World War and in service throughout. As this superbly researched book reveals by examining the roles, actions and personalities of ten Hurricane squadrons, this iconic aircraft was not only exceptionally robust but astonishingly versatile. We track its performance from the Battle of France and Britain through the Middle East, Italy and on to Burma. It excelled as day and night interceptor, intruder and importantly as a rocket firing tank buster. The Hurricane inspired great loyalty among its pilots and their colourful personalities and thrilling experiences make this splendid book an informative and entertaining read. This special edition has, mounted onto the front end page, a "Veterans Edition" bookplate (see image below) signed by distinguished, wartime Hurricane pilots who flew in combat during 1940; Wing Commander Peter Ayerst DFC Squadron Leader Peter Dawbarn Flight Lieutenant Peter Hairs MBE Wing Commander Ken Mackenzie DFC, AFC Squadron Leader Ken Lee DFC Squadron Leader Tony Pickering Flight Lieutenant Ray Sellers Wing Commander Wilf Sizer DFC* Edition Produced: 10 Hardcover edition, published 2016

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