RAF Hawker Typhoon Mk IBs of 609 Squadron embark on a ground attack mission, heading for targets in Northern France. Once initial problems with the tail section were resolved the Typhoon proved to be extremely rugged and reliable and was ideally suited to the ground attack role. All editions are signed and numbered by the artist along with the following distinguished Typhoon pilots: Flt/Lt Derek Lovell F/O Tony (Titch) Hallett DFC W/O Douglas Oram F/O Frank Wheeler DFC. The Artist Proofs and Remarques are additionally signed by: F/O Ken Kneen - 175 Squadron Flt. Lt. Roy Crane 181 and 182 Squadrons W/O Jack Hodges DFC - 174 Squadron W/O Bill Macia - 3 (Tempest) Squadron but he also flew Typhoons Flt. Lt. L.S. 'Pip' Phillips - 182 Squadron Flt. Lt. James Kyle - 80 and 197 Squadrons Flt. Lt. David Ince DFC - 193 and 257 Squadrons Flt. Lt. Harry Prars DFC - 175 Squadron Flt. Lt. George Wood - 263 Squadron and Member of the RAFFES (Escape Society) Sqn. Ldr. Ronnie Sheward - 137, 263, 266 and 197 Squadrons Flt. Lt. John Shellard - 263 Squadron. 300 Limited Editions 25 Artist Proofs - SOLD OUT 25 Remarques - SOLD OUT Overall Size: 28 x 20 inches

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