This exceptional painting by Simon Atack brings back to life a scene played out daily by Fighter Command squadrons throughout the defining air battles fought in the summer of 1940. Mk I Hurricanes of 249 Squadron are seen returning to North Weald after heavy action over London during the culmination of the Battle of Britain in September of that year. It is evening, and the squadron has been operational since first light. Most of the pilots have flown four missions on this day, and they will be in the air again tomorrow at dawn. And so it will go till the battle is won. In this beautiful painting, Simon Atack shows Tom Neil’s Hurricane in the foreground. He has suffered battle damage but, as so often with the trusty Hurricane, his steed will carry him safely home to fight again. The editions have been signed by the artist along two Battle of Britain veterans; Wing Commander TOM F. NEIL DFC* AFC Squadron Leader DOUGLAS G. CLIFT Edition Size: 500 Overall print size: 20 1/2” wide x 19” high

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