Simon Atack’s spectacular new painting brings this outstanding jet aircraft to life in a dramatic recreation of an event that took place on 14 May, 1965. Flying ground attacks, F-100D Super Sabres of the 416th Squadron of the 31st Tactical Fighter Wing - the ‘Silver Knights’ based at Da Nang - execute an attack on communist NVA guerrilla forces in the Bac Lieu region of South Vietnam. All editions are signed by the artist along with highly distinguished USAAF veteran pilot and Medal of Honour recipient; Colonel GEORGE E. ‘BUD’ DAY The Veterans Editions are signed by: Colonel GEORGE E.‘BUD’DAY Captain VINCE SCOTT Colonel JACK HARTMANN 300 Limited Medal of Honor Editions 25 Artist Proof Medal of Honor Editions 200 Veterans Editions 31 inches x 23 inches (79cm x 58cm)

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