Unquestionably the most beautiful commercial aircraft ever to enter service, during 27 years of flying passengers supersonically, Concorde earned a unique place in aviation history. To watch this remarkable aircraft thunder down the runway at Londons Heathrow airport, with afterburners belching flame in a crescendo of deafening sound, but for her distinctive airline livery one could be excused for thinking a mighty warbird was scrambling. Yet aboard, a hundred passengers, relaxing in sumptuous comfort, are looking forward to arrival in New York effectively before they left - such was the speed of this remarkable airliner as she travelled westward faster than the sun. Editions are signed by the artist along with highly distinguished senior Captains who flew Concorde with British Airways; Captain MICHAEL BANNISTER Captain PAUL DOUGLAS Captain PAUL BANDALL Captain JAMES BEDFORTH Captain CHRIS NORRIS Captain JOHN TYE Edition Size: 500 Overall print size: 16 inches x 25 inches (41cm x 64cm)

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